Keyword Domain

What are the benefits or shortcomming of a keyword domain, which is rich for a particular search?

Let taking example of find business in a particular city and lets make the domain name as the city name. I have done exactly that. I created a website where on can submit their local business which can be found easily by a visitor.

My experience so far, the results are great for business in peshawar BUT I have also expanded this site to other cities in Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Kohat and the results there are not that great. One reason is that there is competition for those keywords and since my domain name does not match that city name, it does not appear earlier in the result. I dont’ know what is the exact story is but it seems like keyword domain may work great for one city in particular or if the keyword is pertaining to the site theme it will work great but apart from that, it may EVEN hurt you. Or may be not! I have to find that answer.

Here is a good link about keyword domain

Write below your own comments if you have any about the subject!

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Craigslist like site for Peshawar is portal similar to craigslist. User can sell stuff andd post ads. It also works as city portal, where user can find local business and in a way similar to angiesllist . User can rate and review business.

The site is setup by Hammad Khan to help business show their online presence and where users can find them easily using simple google search.


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Programmers Stackoverflow Off-topic Moderation

The programmers.stackoverflow Faq talks about this

What kind of questions can I ask here?

Programmers — Stack Exchange is a site for professional programmers who are interested in getting expert answers on conceptual questions about software development. If you have a question about…

    algorithm and data structure concepts
    design patterns
    developer testing
    development methodologies
    freelancing and business concerns
    quality assurance
    software architecture
    software engineering
    software licensing

and it is not about…

    career advice, including general workplace issues1
    personal lifestyle, including relationships, office politics, and non-programming activities
    what language you should learn next, including which technology is better1
    salary or compensation1
    résumé help1
    what project you should do next1
    programming tools (ask on Stack Overflow instead)

…then you're in the right place to ask your question!

Ok My question was closed as off topic and I agree it fail the above. The question is are there other question which are not closed as off-topic but failed the test? You decide.

1. Explain to a non-technical manager that the tool he chose isn’t apt

Accepted Answer :

down vote accepted

Simply send an e-mail to the tech support of the product: “How should I do task Y using your tool?”

Maybe you’ll be surprised, maybe your manager…

Hmm, does this question fits to workplace issues or algorithm? The answer talks about which algorithm?

2. Manager keeps changing requirement specification after every demo.

Accepted Answer :

down vote accepted

The short version:


The somewhat longer version:

If the manager doesn’t know how to run a project, and if the senior goes along with it, then you have next to no chance of fixing things.

In order to manage software projects, a manager does need to understand something about software. If managers don’t, they need to learn first. What are your chances you could persuade your management and your senior(s) that they got it all wrong? What are the chances you will teach them something?

I have been in a similar situation once (only there was no senior). I quit after a terrible year, and never looked back (except in disgust).

Work issue or algorithm, testing, software architecture, quality assurance?

3.How do you explain NP-Completeness/Unsolvability to a non-technical supervisor?

4.How to Deal with an out of touch “Project manager”

5.How do you explain the complexity of bulk emailing to a manager?

These are just a few that I picked. The actual number is of course very large?Can someone point out these questions are of technical nature and valid according to the Faq?

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[Solved] Procedure or function xxx has too many arguments specified – ASP.NET

If you are getting this error in your .NET application (AsP.NET for example), it says obvious that you are passing too many parameters to the stored Procedure. However there is a scenario where this error actually makes you look in the wrong direction. Example is below

you have sqldataSource which inserts a customer into the database for example. Let say a customer is renewed and you want to store the ID of the old customer in a field “OLDID”. Now your stored procedure looks like this

@ID int,
@name varchar(25),

@OldID int

In ASP.NET When you bind a value to the @OldID parameter, according to the logic you should be actually doing this

<asp/textbox id="txtOldID" text= Text='’

Note that I am updating txtOLDID field through backend programming in C# in page_load function. Now everything looks according to the book. You need to pass @oldID to the stored procedure, there is a field @oldID and you are binding your textbox to that field. But it does not work and instead throughs this exception.

In this case the error is misleading, the fix is rather change the stored procedure.

How to fix this?

Change the stored procedure so that @OldID parameter reads as @ID. Down in the store procedure, use the correct logic where there this ID needs to be inserted. Since we want to use it in place of OLDID, the logic should be follow

insert into customer (OLDID) values(ID)

Now in the ASP.NET application, change the binding to ID field rather than OLDID and everything should work fine. It is rather bizarre error.

this will give you the following error. Everything is according to the book.

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How to set automatic bid in Ebay?

To set automatic bid in ebay, login, go to the item you want to bid. Do not enter you bid yet. Click the bids link which show history of the bids. At the right bottom corner, enter your bid in “Your maximum bid” and there you go, you have set your automatic bid. If another bidder goes higher than you, you bid will automatically increase, unless it reaches your highest bid. At that point you will get an email from ebay that your bid had bean beaten. At that point you can increase your maximum bid or bid manually yourself.

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System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Error converting data type varchar to float.

If you are getting the above .NET error, one reason for this is wrong case statement. Here is an example

create table #table1 (
id int not null primary key identity,
category varchar(10),
amount float null

insert into #table1 values(‘A’,23)
insert into #table1 values(‘A’,23)
insert into #table1 values(‘B’,NULL)
insert into #table1 values(‘B’,0)
insert into #table1 values(‘C’,NULL)
insert into #table1 values(‘C’,NULL)
insert into #table1 values(‘D’,0)
insert into #table1 values(‘D’,0)

select * from #table1 — works

select category, sum1 — works
(select category, SUM(Round(ISNULL(amount,0),0)) as Sum1 from #table1
group by category) D

select category, sum2 = — does not work
case Sum1
when ‘A’ then Sum1 * 1 — Error converting data type varchar to float
when ‘B’ then Sum1 * 2
when ‘C’ then Sum1 * 3
when ‘D’ then Sum1 * 4
else Sum1
(select category, SUM(Round(ISNULL(amount,0),0) ) as Sum1 from #table1
group by category) D


I get System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Error converting data type varchar to float. for this from my C# code when i access the “does not work” query. You can see there is a problem here, the CASE statement is wronglyl written. The correct statement should be

select category, sum2 = -- does not work
case Category -- Fixed the stetement here
when 'A' then Sum1 * 1 -- no error
when 'B' then Sum1 * 2
when 'C' then Sum1 * 3
when 'D' then Sum1 * 4
else Sum1
(select category, SUM(Round(ISNULL(amount,0),0) ) as Sum1 from #table1
group by category) D

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Binding SQLDataSource programmatically can cause error

In one of my project, I came across a formview which which was bound to SQLDataSource. There were 4 procedures inside that SQLDataSource. They were

  • GetCustomer
  • Insert_Customer
  • Delete_Customer
  • Update_Customer

Now the way functionality called renew functionality.  The purpose of renew was to fetch the same record as GetCustomer but instead it fetches it from a different table in a different database. Fortunately all the fields were the same in both stored procedure but what if one SP has different field? Well this actually produces an error.

Assume I am bound my FormView inside codebehind. I used another storedprocedures GetCustomer2 which basically is the same as GetCustomer but it fetches data from different table (it actually is used in a different sense to renew a customer). What happens if I fetch a field that is in GetCustomer2 but not in GetCustomer storedprocedure. It gives an error. Because the comiler tries to find my “new field” in GetCustomer but it is not not there therefore it say, can not find “New Field” in

System.Data.DataRowView’ does not contain a property with the name ‘xxx’.

In this case, I have  include a textbox that captures data from the new field and it should technically work but it does not. The way Microsoft implements thing is quite unflexible and rigid.

To solve this problem, you have to include this “new filed” in GetCustomer Stored Procedure, and if it is not in the table itself, you have to add that field to the table too.

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