Osama Bin Laden should have been caught alive

It was eminent from the raid that Osama Bin Laden and his care takers were killed almost discretely with out any major fight but white house was not clear untill yesterday that Osama along with his guards were indeed shot even though they did not have any weapons on then.

It was clear from the 40 min operation, that they must have not opposed any resistance. Imagine a single man with a pistol who can fire back on you if you try to enter the building. It is not easy to enter the building that quick, unharmed and complete all the operation in 40 min. Remember these are the worlds most notorious terrorists 🙂

I am not sure how Bin Laden people were caught but they really did not have any options. There castle like house was a prison for them, themselves coz they could not leave it from any side with all the security wall around it. They had women and children with them, which also perhaps made it difficult for them to fight back or even fight perhaps. How can they win. We did not get any report as of yet they had any serious weopons. They perhaps were never in a position to fight back in any circumsances. There only chance was perhaps to blow themselves up or do suicide, which apparently they did not choose.

I believe Osama Bin Laden and his friends should have been catched alive. I know it is not easy to do such a mission with out a single kill. May be it would be justifiable to shoot someone in areas where they can disable them from any attack but the way Bin laden was killed, in chest and head, perhaps means that the SEALS had a clear goal in their minds. I believe most of it was done because of the hate in their hearts rather the circimstances that surrounded that evening.

I am not supporting Bid Laden. His network has killed more muslims than americans. His original goals, to out US and non muslim forces from Suadi Arabia, was a noble one but then he alone could not do it at all. I do understand that we, Americans, should hold a high standards when it comes to enemies and combatents. We should not make it like hate crime.

And one  thing more that I would like to add, After invading Afghanista and Iraq and conducted countless drone operation in Pakistan, killing hundreds including innocent children and people who had nothing to do with Alqaida orTabibans, if we are still not satisfied, there may be something wrong with them, but there id definitely something wrong with us too.

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