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Binding SQLDataSource programmatically can cause error

In one of my project, I came across a formview which which was bound to SQLDataSource. There were 4 procedures inside that SQLDataSource. They were GetCustomer Insert_Customer Delete_Customer Update_Customer Now the way functionality called renew functionality.  The purpose of renew … Continue reading

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Top 10 Apps for Android that saves you money

There are a lot of Apps available for Android (and iPhone) that actually saves you money. If you were to buy these devices individually, they would cost you money and another inconvenience, you have to carry that with you where … Continue reading

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SQL column with default date and time

The following shows how to specify default datetime field for a field in MSSQL and MYSQL. You do not have to specify it in the query. It is automatically filled when a record is inserted. MSSQL In MSSQL the function … Continue reading

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