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Amazon Alternative to selling Book is the best side to sell your books online. However amazon does charges you commission for every book sold. This could be hefty if you are selling a couple of book. There is an alternative site available. The … Continue reading

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What is the difference between null and  ” (empty string)? Null is actually a value which means something is empty (confirmed empty not just left blank). ” mean a string that has not value in it. ALTER PROCEDURE test_null — … Continue reading

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[Solved] Procedure or function xxx has too many arguments specified – ASP.NET

If you are getting this error in your .NET application (AsP.NET for example), it says obvious that you are passing too many parameters to the stored Procedure. However there is a scenario where this error actually makes you look in … Continue reading

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How to set automatic bid in Ebay?

To set automatic bid in ebay, login, go to the item you want to bid. Do not enter you bid yet. Click the bids link which show history of the bids. At the right bottom corner, enter your bid in … Continue reading

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System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Error converting data type varchar to float.

If you are getting the above .NET error, one reason for this is wrong case statement. Here is an example create table #table1 ( id int not null primary key identity, category varchar(10), amount float null ) insert into #table1 … Continue reading

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