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double click to copy

In software development esp testing, you need to copy and past a lot of stuff. There is a firefox Addon that makes your life a lot easier. You simply select the text (that you want to copy) You hold doen … Continue reading

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Universal Printer Driver from HP

You can install HP Universable printer driver that works for any printer (not just HP). The beauty of it is that it can install network printers which may not be instally the regular way (using Add Printer and Find). To … Continue reading

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Adding Ajax to ASP.NET Visual Studio 2008

Ajax functionality for ASP.NET can be added by downloading and installing Ajax Toolkit. It is in the form a a DLL that needs to be added to every project, where you intend to use it. It is supplied by Microsoft … Continue reading

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test code

        protected void GridView2_RowCreated(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)         {             int m = e.Row.Cells.Count;             if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.Footer)             {                 for (int i = m – 1; i >= 1; i–)                 {                     e.Row.Cells.RemoveAt(i);                 }                                 e.Row.Cells[0].ColumnSpan = m;                 e.Row.Cells[0].Style.Add(“text-align”, “center”);                 e.Row.Cells[0].Text=“<a style=”text-align:center;” href=”updateContactIDs.asp”>Update Contact</a>”;             }           }  

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One combined footer in GridView – ASP.NET

This link explains how to display the footer of a Gridview as one large cell rather than every cell has its own footer. I tried this solution but it did not work for me. I tweaked it and posted the … Continue reading

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Transpose in Excel 2007

You can convert rows in column and column in rows in Excel pretty easy using past special. However it did not work for me. I was copying my tables from SQL Server and paste special would not give me any … Continue reading

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SQL Select * into from

If you want to copy or backup your table in the database, use the following SQL command. select * into newtable from oldtable The new table is created on the fly. You do not need to create it. A more … Continue reading

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