Universal Printer Driver from HP

You can install HP Universable printer driver that works for any printer (not just HP). The beauty of it is that it can install network printers which may not be instally the regular way (using Add Printer and Find). To install

Download Instructions

1. Go to this link
2. Download the the first link in the first pink table or you can download the other links from that table too.

Install Instructions

1. To install just double click on the file. It will first unzip the files and will automatically start installation.
2. When asked for which type of installation, choose the second option (Dynamic). The first choice did not work for me.

It will take a few minutes to install. At this point Finish button will be inactive. When everything is installed successfully it will show the message and Finish button will be activated. Click finish now.

Configure Your Network printer

1. Go to “control panel” > “Printer and Faxes” by click start then control panel.
2. Find the newly created printer “HP Universal Printer PLC6”. Right click on it and select “Printing Preference”
3. Underneath “Find Printer” section, select “Enter Printer Address”. Now enter your printer IP address in the box and let it identify and install the printer for you.

After this is install, you can make a test copy. Open word and issue a printout of. Make sure you change the printer to “HP Universal Printing” before printing. If you would like to set this as default. Right click on the HP Universal Printing icon in “Printer and Faxes” and select default printer.

Note: In my case, the printer could not be installed using Add Printer Wizard. Network does not detect the IP if I use “arp -a” command in command prompt. But this drive still is able to pick it up by manually entering the IP of the machine. The IP can usually be checked be going into the setting of the printer and finding the IP address.

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