Groupon Goods Scam

My wife sent me a link for a Groupon Goods Deal for an iPad Cover which was selling for $19 (actual value $100) that is 81% off. I had bought from Groupon Goods before and I knew Groupon Goods has one big competitor that is So I quickly checked the price for same item on and found the same deal at a better price, cheaper than group goods. Looking at Groupong Good, who sold more than 5000 of these, I would have jumped on this deal myself

Groupon Goods Deal

Groupon Goods vs

Groupon Goods Deal for iPad cover Deal



Notice that Groupon Goods has sold 5,000 of them in just a couple of days. Amazon could have never beat this ( I am assuming). If you knew there is better deal on Amazon and probably (most likely) quicker shipment + you get to view the revews, Amazon price is a lot better. Of course it is not touted as deal. It is just a regular price.


Moral of the Story: When buying a deal from Group goods,  check prices at first!

This article was published with good intentions of saving you money rather than saying any bad things about Groupon Goods

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