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Weird Software Bugs

I commented the registeration line for GemBox Spreedsheet in ASP.NET application. The code worked fine. We ran reports for a week. All of a suddent, when I really did not touch the code and I was working on something else, … Continue reading

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Groupon Goods Scam

My wife sent me a link for a Groupon Goods Deal for an iPad Cover which was selling for $19 (actual value $100) that is 81% off. I had bought from Groupon Goods before and I knew Groupon Goods has … Continue reading

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Using XPS files instead of Adobe Reader

There are certain cases where XPS file can be quite handy to use instead of PDF.  I love PDF and I think it is a great tool, but there is one case where I had to restor to XPS file, … Continue reading

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N-400 pdf does not open on Mac because of Security Reason

If you tried to download the Citizenship form N-400, you would notice that it does not opon. It shows wrong file size (106kb) and it says you need pdf to open this file. The error appears because of security reason. … Continue reading

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can’t open XPS file in Windows XP

To view XPS files you might have to downalod Microsoft XPS Essential Pack. The problem that I was facing on Windows XP pc, each time I would double click xps file, it would opoen a new broswer window and popup … Continue reading

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Reset stored password in .rdc file

If you have a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) file to connect to a remote server and you saved your password, there is an easy way to reset it. Generally even the password is wrong, it will not ask you again … Continue reading

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Macbook Pro Slow and Freezes a lot

If you 2011 macbook pro is slow, freezes a lot, it could be because it needs more RAM. They come with 4GB RAM but if you open a lot of browser window and doing multiple things, you will quickly find … Continue reading

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