Is jQuery Ajax?

You can do  of lot of things with jQuery like click ona button and it it creates new content for you. Click on another it and disppears itself. The question is “Is jQuery Ajax?”.


Ans. jQuery is not aJax but it is aJax like. An Ajax Application consists of a client,  webserver, and an asynchronous request between the client (which is the browser) and the Server. The Server runs script and it sends it response back to the client.


A jQuery does not have a server. It is simply JavaScript that does it work. jQuery is JavaScript library that has some powerfully functionally. It can bring you contents out of nowhere just like Ajax without using Ajax. That may fool some people jQuery is actually Ajax.

Q. So what are the limitations of jQuery?

A. jQuery is very powerful but it does not have a server side script. Basically you are the mercy of JavaScript. You can do a lot of powerful things but everything is done inside your script. Lets say you want to do some validation on the server for example verify username and login, that cannot be done by jQuery because jQuery does not have access to your server. It can only be done using Ajax because your Ajax Script is actually on the server and has access to everything that is available on the server, including the database.

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