Alignment and formatting in Crystal Report

When writing big crystal report alignment and formatting can be a pain esp if you are changing every field individually. Luckly formatting and alignment is available that you can apply to mutlipe objects at the same time.



You have 20 textboxes and you want all of them to align at the bottom or at top?
You want to make all 20 textboes the same width
You want to make all 20 textboxes the same height

Horizontal Alignment

Select all elements that you want to align. Go to menu Format -> Align -> Bottoms. All elements will be formatted according to the left most item in the select list. The one to your left eye. It does not matter which way you select multiple items.

Another way to do the same, select all elements that you to align, exept the one that you want to use as reference. Select Ctrl+ click on the referece box. Go to menu Format -> Align ->Bottoms. It will align all elements with refer to the list item selected via Ctrl+click.

Make all fields the same width

Select all elements click first in the white area, make a rectangle selection to include all element you want to change alignment for. Go to menu Format -> Make Same Size -> Width

This will make all your select elements the same width. The left most item is used as reference.

Making all elements the same height

Make a rectangular selection as above, go to Format -> Make same size -> Height.

Making both width and height the same size

After selection, go to menu Format -> Make same size -> Both.

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3 Responses to Alignment and formatting in Crystal Report

  1. Phillipe says:

    Whilst these features are a good idea, they simply do not work well in CR. Controls do not align or resize predictably. It should be be select and click to apply the formatting to a group of controls. Instead, the controls mis-align and do not align correctly to each other or to the grid.

    Rubbish results. MS Access and VB form controls align perfectly every time. Why won’t CR? Lost time every time, and extremely frustrating!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment. I have no problem alining multiple objects with one click. You have to select all the controls first, then apply formatting. It works for me very well.

      • Karen Grube says:

        I can attest to these issues! I’m trying desperately to finish a set of reports and I am pulling my hair out trying to get text boxes to align to grid or snap to guidelines or ANYTHING! I can’t get those stupid red lines to show that the items are aligned no matter what I do, and when I try to resize, say on the right side, to a guideline, they don’t snap to that guideline! The movement is so fine I can’t even begin to reasonably align objects. This is by far the most frustrating part of working with CR.

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