Export to Excel does not export headers – Nexant

It can happen in Nexant Revenue manager, if you export a crystal report in Excel Data only, the report headers are not exported. This could be because in Crystal Report the headers and data was not place close togather.

Solution: Put titles in Page Header section. Do not leave any vertical space between the page header section.

Immediately below the page header, place the fields in ‘Details a’ expert. It magically solves the problem. When you export to Excel data only, column names and data both are exported. It is kind of weird and hard to figure it out.

Crystal Report does not get exported in proper format in Nexant Revenue Manager

This can happen, if you export a report in Revenue Manager and when you opee the exported excel file, the fields are not in order, there are blank column left, header missing etc. This could be fixed by the solution above. Something that might help is

  1. Make all fields the same width and height. Select all element go to format menu > same width and height
  2. Do not leave any space between header and detail section.
  3. This hopefully will fix the problem.

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