Freedom is not a good thing

Freedom is not always a good thing

There is a lot of hype that freedom is a good thing. Well this is true, freedom is a good thing, it is not always a good thing and can be a really bad thing.

Imagine if we had the freedom of working from home, will the output be the same? We would save a lot of money on gas and can potentially be very lucrative? The fact it will be disastrous because you gave too much freedom.

Democracy works because of not freedom. There is the goverment who is accountable to judicial system. If they had the freedom to do what ever they want, would it wor? No.

Imagine a student who is free from any homework. He can submit it if he want to and is free if he doesn’t want to. Will he be as good student as the one who is required to submit his assignment? No. Freedom does not work.

Imagine you were free to not take care of your parents? Would that work. Would that be better for you? No. Having duties makes you responsible and makes your life worthy of living.

Living free makes you life unworthy with no goals, no ambitions and pretty much boring as well. Not to mention, you will not achieve much, if you did not have any strong desire to achieve anything.

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