Islamic World on Syria

It has been more more than an year since the Syrian Revolution started in Jan 2011. It was part of a wider Arab Spring movement that started first in Tunisa then Egypt, Beharain, Libya, had ripples in Saudi Arabia and Jordon and now Syria. The Syrian people want Bashar-Al-Assan removed and topple his govement. But he is not letting it go. It is really simple, people dont want him and he is just not willing to let go. As a result there is heniours war going on Syria just to protect one man that is Bashar-Al-Assad.

What I want to discuss here is the reaction of Islamic World to Syrian conflict. It has been pathetic and probably the worse by any standards. No Muslim leader has come forward to offer any kind of help to Syrian people. Remember they are all around int he neighbor. Turkey, Iraq, Jordon and Lebenon are Syria neighbor. others are not far away. But they are simply silent as if nothing is happening. It has been an year now and one can think who long will these people be silent. The answer is for ever.

If there is any hope anyone can do anything, that is United States. In Libya it was United States and Europe who intervened and get rid of Qadafi who still have some follower around. Just because he was Muslim, he will have some eternal followers and praiser. The fact that he was not longer wanted by his people is never counted int account.

I think we Muslim need to understand how deep of a trouble we are in today. Before blaming American next time, we should realized how good of a people we are. What have we dont to save even our own people let alone others.

This is beyond description. We will never realized how bad people we ourselves are but we will constantly blame united states for what ever they are doing. It is time to think about our leaders and our future. Wake up please!

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