Macbook Pro 2011 vs 2012

The specs of macbook pro 2011 13″ laptop are not easily available on site. If you want to look at it, here is the link

Here I will do a breif comparison, should you upgrade and what has changed and what has not.

[table caption=”Macbook Pro 2011 vs 2012 13In Model”]
No[attr width=”10px”],Comparison, Macbook Pro 2011, Macbook Pro 2012,Verdict
1,Resolution,1280 x 900 Max,1280 x 900 Max, Same
2,Screen Size,13″,13″,Same
3,Camera,720p, 720p,Same
4,Processor,Sandy Bridge i5,Ivy Bridge i5, 2012 Wins
5,Graphics Card,HD 3000 integrated, HD 4000 integrated, 2012 Wins
6,Memory, 4GB 1333 MHz, 4GB 1600 MHz, 2012 Wins
7,Hard Disk, 320 GB, 500 GB, 2012 Wins
8,CD Drive, super drive, none, 2012 looses
9,Wired Ethernet, RJ45, none, 2012 looses
10,Thunderbolt, 1, 2, 2012 Wins
11,USB 3, none, 2, 2012 Wins
12,HDMI Output, through thunderbolt, sperate HDMI provided, 2012 Wins
13,Weight, 4.46 lb, 4.46 lb, Same
14,Battery Life, 7 hours, 7 hours, same

From the specs about it basically means, 2012 macbook pro 13″ wins clearly over 2011 macbook pro 13″ primarily because of faster processor, better integrated graphics card, faster ram, support for USB3 and HDMI output.

If you have a 2011 macbook pro or even 2010, I would say you do not need to upgrade because at least you can brag about the CD drive and wired ethernet that you have have. Plus although the new macbook pro is going to be faster, the speed of the older macbook pro is fast enough for every day and even advance task. Since the design of the 2012 macbook pro has not changed, they basically will look the same.

If you have a 2010 macbook pro, you might want to consider the 2012 macbook pro because it has a better FaceTime camera. The 2011 camera is really bad. Apart from that, you really do not need to upgrade.

If you haven’t not owned a macbook pro, you should buy the new macbook pro 2012. This is significant upgrade for someone new to buy the macbook pro 2012 and I am sure you will be thrilled with it.

I all of the above version, I would recommend to upgrade your RAM to 8GB or 16GB. They will signficanly make your macbook pro faster esp if you are used to running multiple software together. For example you run photoshop, Windows VM or other big programs. If you want to RUN Virtaul Windows like Parallel Desktop, I would recommend to go 16GB (not 8GB) as they really need more memory.

Macbook pro 2011 esp that his memory problem. 4GB of memory is definitely not enough for heavy laptop user and you will basically see the thinking ball all the time.

If you have any benchmarks of the old one vs the new one, please send it me along images so I can post it.
Thank you

This was a brief comparison of Macbook pro 2011 vs 2012 feature wise and had provided brief buying/upgrade guide. Hope it is helpful.

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