Should I upgrade to Mountain Lion OS X

There has been some confusion over weather I should upgrade to Mountain lion because

  • It makes your computer slow
  • The upgrade might crash your data
  • The Air Play does not work
  • Siri Dictation is stupid
  • I lost some nice features such as active corners and multiple screens
  • They took away some cool features of Safari
  • It makes your computer hot and I mean seriously hot
  • Over all it is not worth it

Well when I was upgrading, I said to myself, what ever happens, at least I am going to write a review about it so here it is.


The upgrade Process

It too 1 hour and 4 min in total to install Mountain Lion on my 2011 macbook pro 13″. This includes only the time of installation. It took about 33 min to download the Mountain Lion OS itself. It is said, it takes considerably shorter on Macbook Air, as less as 15 min.

First Verdict

All installation went smooth. It had opened multiple sites in Safari and I really wanted to save it. I bookmarked all of it just in case. After the upgrade, all my browsers were there as it is. I check my active corners, all were still active. I also check my multiple desktop and they worked just as it used to. So no complains there. It did make my laptop hot, considerably hot! Just 5 min ago, the temperate on my macbook pro read 86C. I would clearly hear the fan. My macbook has been running really quite up till not or may be in rear occasion, but at least right now it read 62C, this is till higher than the temperature I recorded before the upgrade which was 54C. So yes so far it did make the temperature go high and it will have adverse affect on the batter life as well.

Up time before and after the Upgrade

Before the upgrade, the uptime for my macbook pro 13 with 8GB of ram was 1:25 sec and 1:18 seconds for two instances. I have to yet restart my pc to find the new uptime. This time btw include the time it takes from select the OS to the time when my calculator is displayed when the computer starts.

Over all verdict

This review is not complete. I have upgrade just over 1 hour ago. Over all I would recommend this upgrade. Please visit later for full comparison review before and after with measure data.

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