Text messages Spam

I clicked one the Market app on my android on my freshly installed Droid phone, I was wondering if it was the same same old Market Icon to the same market but an older interface. It took me to AppFires

I did not really know it is really the same old market or something new. It asked me my mobile number which was a little weird. I entered it and then I realized it was not really the official Android market. I have been getting junk text messages from

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I thought this is really obnoxious to sent text message on phone while it does cost money! The message have stopped after two days and I only received 4 message in total, but just wanted to Warn about which does sent junk text messages.

How to unsubscribe from Appfire

Visit Unsubscribe Page, enter your phone number and click Cancel Service.

Unfortunately you cannot do it using text message that I am aware of.

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2 Responses to Text messages Spam

  1. Mat says:

    Just wanted to quickly add a note here. I’m an executive at “Appfire” (with no “S”), an niche enterprise software services company … as opposed to “” or “” (both of which have an “S”).

    I felt it was important to mention that our organization does not offer anything related to phone plans or text messaging, but we often hear concerns like this relating to one of the other two organizations.

    It may seem like a small typo by the author of this thread, but negative feedback like this is potent. It’s always important to make sure that it’s targeted at the correct location.

    – Mat Gauvin, COO of Appfire (with no “S”)

    • admin says:

      Sorry for spelling mistake Mat! I updated my article and now it includes an image as well. I was in no way referring to Thank you!

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