ASP.NET Weird Error

The following error in thrown in my web application (folder based)

Keyword not supported: ‘id’.

Guess where could be the problem? When I look at the compilation error

warning CS0109: The member '' does not hide an inherited member. The new keyword is not required.

It takes to an ASPX page (not C# code) to indicate where is the problem. The fact is that ASPX page is totally fine. I double click on code behind of that page as well, there were not errors. The code was simple enough.

Finally googled it and came at this stackoverflow question, that says the problem is in connection string.

The problem is actually in connection string

I had just added a new connection and copied the string from another application to supposedly everything would be fine. This is btw my connection string

connectionString="Data Source=ServerSQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=TestDB;ID=xyz;Password=abcd"

Apparently something was wrong here, that throwed the error (ID should have been User ID). After I fixed this, the error went away.

My question is, how intuitive is this error? how much time I would have spend on this error if it was not for google and onine help?

I come across many such errors in ASP.NET and I want to document it for the record.

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