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Writing Complex SQL Queries

I have had a chance to work with some complex SQL Query in different reports, I will highlight the skillset that you will need writing such a report. First Thing When writing a report the field names might not be … Continue reading

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Fieldnames Abbreviations in Database

The following shortcut codes are used in some database to shorten field names. Underscore characters are used along these shortcut codes to separate different words. [table] Abbreviation, meaning NM, Name DT, Date CD, Code COMM, Commission TX, Text field CALC, … Continue reading

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Western Union vs Moneygram

There are two popular ways of sending money within United States or across different countries. Western Union MoneyGram Western Union vs MoneyGram Comparison Calculator Western Union Wester Union is the most popular one. They have more agents thoughout united States. … Continue reading

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Force GridView to Refresh in ASP.NET

You can force gridview to referesh its data by calling GridViews.DataBind() function in the code behind. GridView.DataBind(); /* this will referesh the gridview */ I have also come across a couple of others solutions that does the same. The one … Continue reading

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Weird ASP Bug – Gridview update does not work if there is somethign in page_load function

In my Gridview, select, insert, delete all were working properly but not Update. Found out that my code in Page_load() was causing this not to work. I removed the code from page load where I as updating the Gridview. The … Continue reading

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Weird ASP.NET Error – Insert does not work in FormView in ASP.NET

You have a FormView and an Insert Template inside it, if you put the insert template fields in an ASP.NET table for better formatting, the insert function will not work. This is very weird. In the above example, the fields … Continue reading

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wordpress theme not displaying properly

You just installed a wordpress theme and when you activated it (or even previewed it), it does not show properly. It takes the whole page, there is only html contents, no formatting is applied. This happened to me when I … Continue reading

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