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Row_Number SQL Server

Row_Number or Sequence Generator in SQL Server Is is used to generate a sequence number or a row number in a result table. That is if you want to run a query and you rank certain records in certain order, … Continue reading

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Solution – Preserve Leading Zeros in Excel

If you happen to copy data from somewhere to excel (such as a data in SQL format), you would have noticed that excel does not store leading zero. There are some solutions that lets you have exact number of leading … Continue reading

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How to run javascript in asp net page_load

I tried writeline(“// “); but it did not work. Found out, you have to use RegisterStartupScript in order to run JavaSacript in ASP.NET page. More help is on MSDN

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Fix ASP.NET Menu Layout Issue in Chrome and Safari

I had this menu issue which would not render properly in Chrome and Safari but run ok in Internet Explore and FireFox. The following is the fix. Put the following code at the top of your Page_load() function of the … Continue reading

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How much does a doctor visit cost in the US?

For specialist without insurance it cost me $300 to visit dermatologist (specialist). This is extremely high just for 5 minutes of doctor. Waiting excluding, the doctor is not likely to spend more than 10 min with you. Even if you … Continue reading

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Reading null values from datatabase in C# code

If you tried reading a null value from the database such as a null date, you might have across this exception Specified cast is not valid Casting Nullable Values The following code works unless a null datetime is returned. Note … Continue reading

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Bracketing on Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 come with bracketing but it took me a while to use it. I will explain here how it be use. I am not impressed by it btw for the couple of pictures that I took with it just … Continue reading

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