How much does a doctor visit cost in the US?

For specialist without insurance it cost me $300 to visit dermatologist (specialist). This is extremely high just for 5 minutes of doctor. Waiting excluding, the doctor is not likely to spend more than 10 min with you. Even if you consider the visit 30min from doctors perspective, the doctor rate comes out to be $600/hr. that is $4,800 a day. To me this is really ridiculous. Of course the doctor does not earn that much. He only gets a fraction of the money. Most of the money goes to hospital, staff and maintenance the doctor.

When I was coming from the same visit to home, my car exhaust broke and fell off. I went straight to my mechanic and asked him for quote. He said $300 (parts included) which would probably take 1 hours (if I remember it correctly), I did not hesitate at all, thinking that I just paid $300 for a 5 min appointment.

Do you think this is out outrageous? Please comment below.

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