Visiting Dubai via Transit

If you are flying through Dubai and you have more than 8 hours stay, you might want to go out of the airport and check out Dubai. There are certain rules though you need to be aware of. Your airlines (Emirates) usually will give you a hotel which will include free food or you may have to arrange it yourself through them. Please read the following if you have transit in Dubai and you want to check out the city yourself.

US Passport Holder

If you hold a US passport, you do not need a visa. You do not need any Voucher from Emirates. You do not need to book a hotel via Emirates to get out of the airport. You simply stand in line for Passport Control, they issue you stay upto 30 days (without any fee). You can book your own hotel if you want too but even better you do not need a hotel, just roam around the city and come back for your departure flight. It is that simple. You do not have to pay for anything.

Pakistani Passport Holder

With computerized Pakistani passport, you will need a Voucher from Emirates to get out of the airport. If you do not have the Voucher, you will have to ask Emirates to arrange a hotel for you. If your ticket is expensive, you might get it free but most likely you will have to pay for it. The free is about $100 and up. Note that with Pakistani Passport, you will not be allowed to go outside the airport with out a hotel. You have to make hotel reservation before you go out.

Pakistani Passport Holder – Manual

If you have a manual Pakistani passport, Dubai authority do not issue visa on these (manual) passport. The only way you get get out of the airport is if you already have a Voucher from Emirates. If not they will ask you to contact your Embassy who will send them letter to approve your Visa so they can stamp it. This would be a pain and not worth the time.

Comming up — How to visit Dubai vai Dubai Metro

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