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Ghost Adventures Best EVPs

Can spirit/soul be pin pointed? This video of Ghost Adventures catched that moment (if it is true). At 32:00 in the video, Zack felt cold spot right in front of him. All three investigators felt it. Then the ghost box … Continue reading

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Erase Grid in Excel 2007

How to hide grid lines in Excel 2007

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Best speakers for Computer

I was looking for good speaker system for laptop, something that on entry level but has good sound. I usually shop on I order their 2nd best seller (in speakers) but was quickly disappointed with it sound. I returned … Continue reading

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Test Script for Excel Weird Character Bug

create table #students ( ID int not null primary key identity, [first name] varchar(25), [last name] varchar(25) ) insert into #students values(‘Micky’, ‘Mouse’) insert into #students values(‘Jim’, ‘Carry’) insert into #students values(‘Donald’, ‘Duck’) select * from #students

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Weird Character in Excel : Square box with Question Mark in it

If you ever copied data from SQL Server Management Studio to Excel 2007, you might have seen this weird character This is probably caused by the fact that you used “Text to Column” feature of Excel before. If you used … Continue reading

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Break one column in two in Excel

Problem: You have first and last name in column A and you want to divide into into two columns, that is first name and last name. You further find out that in some of names in column A has 3 … Continue reading

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What does Cache mean in PHP Script?

In microprocessor, cache mean the ram that is sitting right on the chip dice. It is faster to fetch data from this ram and execute because it probably less clock cycles to fetch. But what does cache mean in PHP … Continue reading

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