Best speakers for Computer

I was looking for good speaker system for laptop, something that on entry level but has good sound. I usually shop on I order their 2nd best seller (in speakers) but was quickly disappointed with it sound. I returned it for lack of bases and for good quality of sound. I was thinking that all speakers sound about the same but I was wrong. Then order the Amazone Best seller #2 Cyber Acoustics 2.1. This was better than the first one and was loud and with more base. But was not satisfied with its sound quality, lack of clear tones, lack of solid clean beats. But I was really looking was something I heard a while ago (they were Logitech Z3). The sound was simply amazing with clear beats. Something that you can really enjoy the music on. I did some good search trying to find a good set of speakers for computer. I came across the following

Top 5 best speakers for laptop

Google top 5 speakers

Interestingly I have order the Logitech Z623 already before doing this search and am planning to return the Cyber Acoustics 2.1.

If any one is consdering cyber accoustice, I would ask them to think again. They do have loud sound and relatively heavy but it is not clear and clean. The beats are just of very low quality. I am by no means an audiophile and am not not expert in sound quality. May be I will post vidow review at some point as well.

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