Reset Trial for Parallels 8 for Mac

If trial has expired on Parallels desktop 8 and it ask for activation code, there is hack to reset the activation period by issuing the following command in Terminal Windows

sudo rm /Library/Preferences/Parallels/licenses.xml

After this, your trial period expiration dialog will disappear. In the dialog bottom left, there is a “GET Trail” button. Click that and you are all set for another 14 days.

If the above script does not work

If you have already used the above script, it may not work again. In that case use the following script. This will remove all traces of Parallels, including the association of Parallels Software to the installed Windows.

rm -rfd ~/library/preferences/com.parallels*
rm -rfd ~/library/preferences/parallels/*
rm -rfd ~/library/preferences/parallels
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/var/db/parallels/stats/*
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/var/db/parallels/stats
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/var/db/parallels
sudo -s rm -rfd /library/logs/parallels.log
sudo -s rm -rfd /library/preferences/parallels/*
sudo -s rm -rfd /library/preferences/parallels
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/var/db/parallels
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/var/.parallels_swap
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/var/db/receipts/'com.parallels*'
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/tmp/qtsingleapp-*-lockfile
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/tmp/*/*
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/tmp/*
sudo -s rm -rfd /private/var/root/library/preferences/com.parallels.desktop.plist
sudo rm -fr ~/Library/Logs/parallels.log
sudo rm -fr /Library/Preferences/Parallels/
sudo rm -fr ~/Library/Preferences/Parallels
sudo rm -fr /private/var/.Parallels_swap
sudo rm -fr /private/var/db/Parallels/Stats
sudo rm -fr /private/tmp/qtsingleapp-Parall-c0ce-0-lockfile
sudo rm -fr ~/Library/Preferences/com.parallels

After running this, it will ask in a popup window weather you want a new virtual Windows or use existing one. Select Windows from Bootcamp and you should be all set.

More help on this link

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7 Responses to Reset Trial for Parallels 8 for Mac

  1. Kiarash says:

    Thanks a lot, worked well.

  2. mfsamo says:

    Thank youuuuu!

  3. Tim says:

    This worked very much, thank you, now I can try this out again and purchase in two weeks. Awesome!!

    • admin says:

      The first step might not work if you try it the second time but the second step will work! With the second step, it cleans out all traces of BootCamp therefore you must load that again.

      After too many resets, it will start to give unexpected results but it still can be reset.

  4. carmenana says:

    hello! Im new in this, and I have this huge question of where do I write those scripts….?? is it in finder app or in parallels or where, please help me

    • admin says:

      Hello, This command needs to executed in at command prompt which is the “Terminal” Window. Click on spotlight search type, terminal, then select terminal. Here you can copy and past the command. Hope it helps!

  5. jkmn says:

    Worked for me. Thanks Hammad.

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