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Add the server variable name to the allowed server variable list.

In IIS you can add Server variable to the server variable list in the following steps. Go to IIS Select the site node for which you want to add variable double click URL Rewrite under IIS on the right hand … Continue reading

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Running query against remote server

If you want to run a SQL Query against a remote server for example a different machine on the same network, you may want to use the flowing code. First link the server, then use OPENQUERY to run the query … Continue reading

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Emirates outrageous baggage fees

It looks like the airline industry is run by cowboys, there are no rules and regulations, esp if you are going on international flight via multiple airlines. And esp if you got your ticket via online purchase. It recently happened … Continue reading

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I was getting this error when reading books online via local library website. The problem seemed to the Apple Safari Browser. I would get the same message over and over. When I opened the site in Google Chrome, the error … Continue reading

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Host file location on Windows

Windows Host file location Windows 7 = C:WindowsSystem32driversetc

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CS0103: The name ‘ViewBag’ does not exist in the current context _viewstart

You might get the above error if you try to access @ViewBag from within _ViewStart.cshtml. One solution is use _Layout.cshtml and point your _ViewStart.cshtml to the layout page. Everything should work fine. // _ViewStart.cshtml page @{ Layout = “~/Views/_BasicLayout.cshtml”; <— … Continue reading

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Download NorthWind Database 2012

There are three easy steps to download and install Northwind Database for SQL Server 2012 or any other version. 1. Download Northwind Database from codeplex 2. Restore the database in SQL Server Management studio. The file that you just downloaded … Continue reading

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search for end of line

Sometime you want to add comma (,) at the end of line where you have hundred of line. Or you may want to add or replace anything at the end. You may want to use $ symbol to find end … Continue reading

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online timesheet

I was searching for free online time sheets but could not find a good one. The following is a reasonable free online timesheet that does the job pretty well. It is somewhat buggy but otherwise does the job very well. The … Continue reading

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Learning C#

Learning C# for a C++ programmer, one has to get introduced to the following new topics Properties Collections and Generics Partial Classes Boxing Interfaces

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