Download NorthWind Database 2012

There are three easy steps to download and install Northwind Database for SQL Server 2012 or any other version.

1. Download Northwind Database from codeplex

2. Restore the database in SQL Server Management studio.

The file that you just downloaded is .bak file (stored inside the zip file). Unzip the zipped file first and copy it to C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL11.SQLEXPRESSMSSQLBackup. You can restore it from there. Sql Server 2012 may not restore it from any other location. If you run into any other problem, please comment below.

How to restore SQL Database

Fire up SQL Server Management studio, connect to your server.
Go to databases node of left side, right click on it, select restore database.
In the dialog select “Device”, click on “…” button and select the file. When you select the .bak file, it will appear in the bottom area. Make sure you check the checkbox.
Click OK. You are done. Refresh the database list and you should see the Northwind database.

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5 Responses to Download NorthWind Database 2012

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  2. MaxPayne says:

    Thank You so much

  3. Mac Mafia says:

    File is not found

  4. Rakesh says:

    Its working … Nice 🙂
    Thanks Boss

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