Emirates outrageous baggage fees

It looks like the airline industry is run by cowboys, there are no rules and regulations, esp if you are going on international flight via multiple airlines. And esp if you got your ticket via online purchase.

It recently happened to a family member. We got an online ticket from USA to Pakistan which allowed one bag. So we did carry two bags with us, knowing that we will pay for the second bag because we had lots of luggage. But surprise surprise, they did not charge us for the second bag. They did not even ask that we have to pay for the second. In fact the airlines (American Ailines) was nice enough to check in her 2nd bag free of charge, because they said they have lots of luggage and will provide free checkin for 3rd bag. That is after my wife went through the security and before boarding. We were all happy that things worked out really well. But things would change when my wife would reach Dubai.

Everything was fine during the flight New York to London (American Airlines) and London to Dubai (American Airlines operated by British Airways) but thing would change in Dubai. Dubai official demanded that my wife pay for 2 extra bags, since the American Airlines allowed her two checkins and provided one free checkin (to everyone). This was outrageous. They were asking for close $250 for the two extra bags but my wife was not ready to pay it all. After a lot of arguments, the plane waiting for her to board, they allowed the small carry one bag that was checkin free and agreed that my wife will pay for only one bag. She ended up paying $192 for just one bag from Dubai to Islamabad. This is absolutely outrageous. This is more than the charging a passenger with one one full bag. See the attached search

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 7.47.50 AM




Now this is ridiculous that one airlines will allow you a bag and then next one would charge you for the same bag. There are no rule what so ever. Earlier I inquired about the policy in such case when you have international flight and flying through different carriers. There are two rules that apply

  1. Which ever one is the major carrier, its rule and baggage allowance will apply across the entire flight.
  2. The baggage allowance of the originating flight will apply across the entire flight.

In our case, our major flight was from New York to London and then from London to Dubai. The baggage allownce of those flights were not entertained in our small and last flight.

The original flight rule was not applied where we are allowed two bags.

It seems like the airlines industry is run by cow boys, there are not rules.

My Inquery into the case

I contacted the emirates official as well as American Airlines official to discuss the outrageous baggage fee by Emirates. You will be surprised to know what they had to say

1. I asked Emirates Airlines,why did they charge my wife $192 for a bag when the previous flight (one one ticket) allowed two bags for her. They said, Emirates airlines have a policy of one 30KG bag for that flight. There we had to charge that fee regardless of what the previous flight did. Every flight had its own rule. Interesting.

2. I asked American Airlines, why did they allow two bags when she was suppose to carry only one? I don’t remember what they said but it seems like some they can let it go for free. I did bring up, my wife does not have to pay if it was the Airlines mistake.

3. I asked American Airlines, how much would it cost us if the American Airlines would have charged us for the second bag and where will this money go since it is through different carrier. The operator put me on hold and after inquiring, he said, the money would go to all the carriers and the fee that we had to pay would be $150. That is less than $192 that we paid at Dubai.

I am simply out of words to explain this scenario. I think the Airlines Industry has not rules what so ever and charging passenger unreasonable fee for baggage is one way to raise revenue. Since most of them are fairly well off and most of them have international flight, that sounds like a plan to me!

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