Running query against remote server

If you want to run a SQL Query against a remote server for example a different machine on the same network, you may want to use the flowing code. First link the server, then use OPENQUERY to run the query against the linked server. The two sql commands do not need to be executed in one batch. Example

Computer Name : MY-PC
Remote Server Name: SQLExpress1
Present Server Name: SQLExpress2

EXEC Sp_addlinkedserver
  @srvproduct='SQL Server'

-- from SQL Server2 you run this query
FROM   Openquery("my-pcsqlserver1", 'select * from Students') 

Example 2 – Remote Query

-- 1. first link the server, no need to give SQL server name in case of default server
EXEC sp_addlinkedserver   

-- 2. Run the query against the linked server
select * from
openquery("", 'Select * from sales')

Do not forget single quotes around the query
Do not forget “Select * from” before OpenQuery statement.

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