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Simple Regular Expressoins

= Use it in Visual Studio for matching divs ‘_0-9)% = includes new line characters (Visual Studio 2012) Regular Expression to catch text in single quotes (Visual Studio 2012) ‘[a-z=”_ :;%0-9-#.({},/)]*?’ Use greedy algorithm (*?)

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C# gives no error but does not run

Did you run you C# or PHP or ASP.NET code. The code does not run but it does not give any error either? In my case, the page which was generating error was sending code to JavaScript. There I could … Continue reading

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convert sql query into block diagram

A project that I am considering to work on. Complex SQL queries will be transformed into block diagram for easy digestion.

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Hours Calculator

Calculate hours using our hours calculator. Enter time in this formats: 7:30 or 7:30 AM [hours_calculator] If you are looking for timesheet, please consider free online timesheet and hours calculator. For error, corrections, please write to us or simply post … Continue reading

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stretch outer div to inner div

Problem You have floating contents inside a parent div and the parent div does not stretch to encompass all the contents. Example Jsfiddle of the below code is here I am in the inner div. #css to the above code. … Continue reading

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search all tables sql

The following query, original from this site, searches all integer columns only to find a value. It does not find string but integer value. This query may run faster on large databases and can be more usefully. Basically your search … Continue reading

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mac terminal find command recursive

For reference, Find command documentation on apple Find command lets you search a particular file or files depending on the criteria. Some of the things about find command may not be intuitive. I will explain it here Find command is … Continue reading

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