Writing C# Code in MVC Razer Layout Page – How to

If you intend to write C# code in your MVC Layout Page, I am talking about MVC 4 here, this is quick tutorial + a couple of odd behaviors that one should know.

Example: You want to declare a variable and use it to render or not render a particular html code


@{String name ;
name = Model.Student.Name.ToString(); // lets assume this is comming from model

if name = "admin")

You are Administrator

} else {

You are regular user

} }

Notice here, the big @{ } where all code is encompassed. Notice that { } is required after the if statement. Also notice that dash(-) is not allowed in variable names in Layout Page, which is really weird. Also notice that comments with @ { // comments } are typical C# comments but comments outside the @{} block should be html comments

CS1002: ; expected MVC 4

If you get the following error and get figure out what in the world is causing this error, problem could be you are using dash(-) in variable name. The error message is counter intuitive.

CS1002: ; expected // in MVC 4 C#

Remove dash from variable name and everything should be fine. This is a weird error.

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