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Remove Product Ads in Chrome Browser

If you come across these annoying product ads in Google Chrome browser, here is how to remove them. If you read the text on ads, it says QuickMarkup. These ads come from QuickMarkup Extension that you may have installed sometime … Continue reading

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Remove similar products ads

You might come across these annoying adds on or craigslist that come in your way. These says “Similar Products” and their url points to adds. Here is how to disable or remove them. How to remove Similar Products … Continue reading

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Can not log on locally to as user x with virtual directory password

If you look close at the error, it will say Module : IIS Web Core This means it is coming from IIS. The problem is you do not have permission to access the config file. The error actually quotes config … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop on Mac Full Screen

How to set remote desktop on mac in fullscreen? When you first start remote desktop on mac, it will start in a window. This is less than the optimum resolution you want to work in. To change it to full … Continue reading

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Find Source : AbstractObjectFactory.cs (dialog) xml configuration You might get various exception if the xml file is not found. Place the xml file in the folder where .exe files is created. In Visual Studio this would be /bin/debug/ folder … Continue reading

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Dependency injection and IoC

From Dependency injection (DI) is a process whereby objects define their dependencies, that is, the other objects they work with, only through constructor arguments and properties that are set on the object instance after it is constructed. (Factory methods … Continue reading

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Sell textbooks online provide cheap online solution to buy textbooks online for college students. The way it works is at follows 1. A student comes to the website textbooks 2. He list his book for sale. While doing so he selects his … Continue reading

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