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Line breaks in MVC

In MVC #, if you use simple string replacement to replace new line with line break like this string.replace(“rn”,” “); it may not work. Use the following in that case @MvcHtmlString.Create(Html.Encode(Model.Description).Replace(“rn”, ” “)) Here Model.Description in coming from the database … Continue reading

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How to search Yahoo Mail effectively

You can use switches to search you mail which would block all the junk that you are getting. For example website project -resume # this will search all email with has website project in it but which does not have … Continue reading

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Regular Expression in Textmate

Regular Expression Search and replace in Textmate Use $0, $1, $2 and so on for regular expression replacement for regular expressions.   Example: Find and replace with the found strain put inside trim function : $time_in[0] Regex Pattern:¬†$time_in[[0-6]+] Replace:¬†trim($0)   … Continue reading

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Remove duplicate files on Mac using Terminal

I tried to use this link to find and remove duplicates files (mp3’s) but was not successful. I spent days to make it work on Mountain Lion. Finally I got something that is partially working First go to a subdirectory … Continue reading

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Mac Terminal Getting Started

How to work with command line on a mac? The following is similar to DOS or command line utilities or commands on Windows PS. Start Terminal click search icon (glass magnifier) and Type terminal to get into terminal Quit Terminal … Continue reading

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CSS Immediate Successor Operator ( >)

CSS Immediate Successor Operator (>) can give a little bit an expected (and potentially) buggy result when combined with first-child pseudo class. Consider the following code /* HTML */ first second first second </div> /* CSS */ #parent>p:first-child{ color:red; … Continue reading

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Find phone number on Samsung Galaxy s3

On Android 4.1.2 that is on Samsung Galaxy S3, finding your phone number can be a little difficult. There is no “About Phone” option in setting. Procedure 1. Soft Left click, go to setting (bottom option). 2. Go to the … Continue reading

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