Monitor Test

Here is quick Monitor Test to check the color accuracy of your just bought monitor. One of the problem I faced with bad monitors is I could not read water marks which are faint gray scale text/images. A good way to check your monitor is check for gray scale and see how easy various gray scales are distinguishable between differrent shades.

1. Grayscale Test

Gray Scale Monitor Test

Gray Scale Monitor Test

Are you able to see all shades?

2. Water Mark Test

Do you see watermark text inside text boxes. If not try to look at the screen from an angle and see if you can see the watermarks text (it says First Name …, Last Name …, etc )

Watermark Test

3. Color Test

In the following image,

  1. Make sure the color tone is the same in each line.
  2. Make sure you see distinct step in all colors, vertically at the same point (I am having a little problem with dark blue color)
  3. Make sure all colors go black at the same point.
  4. All colors should fade unifirmly
  5. Check that you can see all shades from single point (without moving your head). If you can’t, move your head across the screen and check individual color. Make sure you check each color from angle perpendicular to the color.

Color Test

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