Fix Cell Phone Battery Charging

There might be various techniques that tells how to recharge/increase life of battery. I am not going into that. I am going to teach a tutorial about how to revive a nearly dead cellphone battery. Or how to to fix a battery that is not charging properly as in my case.

Samsung Battery


I did not use my T-Mobil phone for about 4 months now. My cell phone battery (samsung Galaxy S) had a very long battery life. Now it it show wrong charge, and dies with 5 minutes or so.

How to Fix Cell Phone Battery

I used the procedure from youtube video, that demonstrates to fix cell phone battery with the help of USB cable and a computer.


1. You have USB cable, cut it at one end.Take the four wires out. Remove the mech which is used for shielding if present.

Fix Cellphone Battery Charging

2. You only need the Red (+) and the Black(-) wires out of the four. Cut the other two.

3. Take your cell phone battery. Locate + and – pins. There will be only two. If your cell phone battery has many strips, the chances are only the end ones are + and -.

4. Connect Red (+) to Positive terminal and Black(-) to negative terminal with the help of the tap. You can use one piece of tap or two, what ever works best for you.

5. with everything secured, plug the USB into computer. Leave it for 12~15 min. Once out the battery should be fully charge.

Note that the get hot during this process which is OK as is told.

My Result

I follow the above procedure. After charge it via USB for 15 minutes, my cell phone now shows about 20% charge (which I am happy with because before it would show 60% and I know that was wrong). But my cell phone still died about 5 minutes of use. That means it is not fixed yet. Also my battery did not get hot during the process.

I will run it the second time and see if anything changes.

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