403 – Forbidden: Access is denied. remote client only

If you are getting

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.

on remote client and could not get rid of the error after fixing all the permissions, the chances are you are accessing the wrong project.

If you try to access host computer via IP address, it will point to the default site by default, not the site you want it to point to. For example

# host file http://www.my_remote_site

and you try to access


It may point to the default site in case you have more than one site setup. To troubleshoot that point to the exact file and see what error you get.

for exmaple ww.my_remote_site/index.htm

may say

 HTTP 404 - Resource not found

This confirms that you are working on the wring site. The site the hostname point to is a different site (probably the default site) rather than what you think.

How to Resolve the problem

So the question is, if you have multiple sites setup in IIS, how can you map to any particular site using hostname mapping? After all all of them has the same IP (Although you can give them different IPs).

Go to IIS > Select the site that you want to access
Selecting Binding (while the site is selected), you will come across this dialog

HostName to Website for Remote Client

HostName to Website for Remote Client

Notice the red circle. If this is empty, write your website name. For example test.MyTestSite.com

When you map test.MyTestSite.com to the remote computer IP adddress, IIS will automatically call this particular site. That is it will not call default site. Default site will be called if it does not find the match to test.MyTestSite.com, which was exactly the case above.

This particular post will be helpful if you need more help.

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