Unblock youtube in Pakistan

There are proxy web servers available to unblock youtube and other such sites but they don’t work so well. Youtube can be unblock by using Open VPN. It is completely free. Youtube load with all its comment and proper layout and with pretty good speed! Here is how

Note that this tutorial is for Mac (Macintoch) but can be used for Windows based computers.

1. Go to vpnbook.com. Select Open VPN tab
2. Download any one bundle as you prefer. You will load them later in Open VPN Client
3. Download Tunnelblick, an open source OpenVPN client* and load Open VPN files by first selecting “I have configuration files” and then “Open VPN file”. You have to copy the files the configuration folder that tunnelblick creates for you in desktop. I have had problem with this, read more here

Alternatively you can download Viscosity, another Open VPN client but this one is paid version (free for 30 days). After installing go to preferences, then click the + sign at the bottom to select individual open VPN file. Load all four one by one. Then select anyone that you want to use when you click on the icon in top menu. At this point it will ask for username and password. Supply the following (copied from vpnbook.com)

Username: vpnbook
Password: tac6CHen

As a last step go to whatismyipaddress and notice that your IP has changed.

Go to youtube and notice it loads pretty quickly 🙂

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