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Cancel Mac Terminal Command

Use Control+Z to cancel a Mac Terminal Command that is executing constantly. For exmaple: Ping // will run constantly To abort use Ctrl+ Z shortcut key.

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jQuery Trim does not work on Multiple Lines

If you have string where first line is space and there is text in second line, jquery Trim will return empty string. Example [this line is empty] 1 To make it work, first replace all spaces using regex and then … Continue reading

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How to read long text in sql server

Sometime you might want to read the entire text in a particular table column. If you execute the command select longColumn from MyTable You will see that you can only read the first 50 characters are so. If you are … Continue reading

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Drop Column SQL Server Syntax

Drop Column SQL Server Syntax ALTER TABLE [TableName] DROP COLUMN [Column1], [Column2]

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