TunnelBlick Tutorial – Unlock youtube

Tunnelblick (a macintosh VPN client) does not work out of the box. When you install it creates a folder called “”. This directory is suppose to contain the configuration file. You can use OpenVPN configuration files or tunnelblick configuration file in this folder. But even if you do, Tunnelblick will still not work. Here are the manual steps that you need to do to configure a openVPN in Tunnelblick.

  1. Rename the folder, yes it does not need to be with the same name.
  2. Add extension .tblk to this folder. This is important.
  3. Copy openVPN configuration file into this folder. You can use OpenVPN from vpnbook.com or any other sit you prefer. Note that copy only one file in this folder. Copying multiples files will result in error later during installation.
  4. Double click this folder (with the name .tblk) to install. This will successfully install tunnelblick.

Now you can go to the tunnelblick icon and connect, it takes about 30 second to connect. The icon changes to a tunnel with light in it.

When connected, it will look like this (when you hover over the icon)Tunnelblick

Tunnelblick connected mac

Tunnelblick connected mac

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