Peshawar Doctors Reviews

Let us know how your experience is with Doctors in Peshawar. I will right some of mine.

Dr. Miqdad Ali, Cardiologist, RMI Hayatabad

I had a very good experience with Dr. Miqdad Ali (Cardiologist) of RMI, Hayatabad. I took my mother some 3 years ago who had slight tired breathing problem as she had minor heart attack in the past. I explained the situation to Dr. Miqdad. He was very quick in writing prescription but I insisted he list more (Please always explain your real problem that the doctor may not know). After expelling it in more detail, he said the pill that my mother was taking was the right medicine but now my mom has reacted to it and it has bad effect on her. He changed the bills. My mother had no problem ever since.

I would highly recommend this doctor with advice that please explain your case fully. Do not just get a quick prescription. Wish you all the best.

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