setup virtual hosts in mamp

WAMP PRO Virtual Host Setup

WAMP PRO Virtual Host Setup

Creating virtual hosts in MAMP is intact really easy. You do not need to change host file. A nice GUI is provided. Here is the the tutorial (not that this might by ‘MAMP PRO’ GUI in trial version). I can confirm if this is feature is available only in MAMP or MAMP PRO.

1. Fire up MAMP. Go to spotlight search and type “MAMP”. If executable file is not showing up in spotlight, click on the mamp folder that is shown. Inside the mamp folder, there is mamp executable (mac), click on that.

2. Go to “Host” tab at the top. Click on the + sign in the bottom left hand side to add hostname. Type your hostname in the textbox in the top right corner. I have typed “myfirstvirtualhost”

3. Notice that there is a red icon next to document root. Click on the folder icon, navigate to the folder/directory from where you want to host the site.

4. Click on the arrow icon next to server name text box. This will open web browser and open your site with the given hostname.

Note that you may need to save you setting which will basically restart the server.

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