How to fix colors on Macbook pro Display

Caliberate Macbook Screen

Caliberate Macbook Screen

I had this problem recently. My macbook pro laptop display all of sudden has bad display. It was basically not showing full colors. The colors were as if it were 16 bit or something, although I did not change the setting myself.

What cause the display malfunction

I found that when my macbook pro was running on battery and the battery was about to run down (only %5 left). If you switch of you macbook pro, the chances it when you start it using AC Adaptor, its display would be messed up. This happened to my early 2011 macbook pro (13″).

How to fix it

First run calibration of the screen by going to System Preferences -> Display -> Color (TAB). Here chose Calibrate. Just follow the steps by clicking Next on each screen.

If this does not fix the problem, you may have to reset NVPR RAM. You can do that by holding Alt+Option+P+R option while you are restarting your mac. This will be a beep and the computer will restart again.


If you reset NVRAM and you have Parallels Installed as well, it will mess up your dual boot system. You won’t be able to login into the System. To temporarily fix that, you have to hold option key when the laptop is restarting. This will show up the Windows OS option you have on the system. Simply select Mac OS and you should be able to boot.

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