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Ghostly Activities that are not really Ghosts

The following are couple of activities are are ghostly in nature but are not actually ghosts. If this happen to you when it is middle of the night and you are home alone, you will probably freak out to death … Continue reading

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Facts about home Lizards

These are facts about home lizards that I have found through my personnel experience. We have a little bit of Lizard problem and tried various way to get rid of them. Here is my experience (fun facts about Lizard) Each … Continue reading

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MySQL Database not staring on Mac (XAMPP)

When you start manager-osx and start all services (Apache, MySQL, ProFTPD), you might notice MySQL database fails to start. Here is how to fix it on Mac Go to spotlight in the top right corner, bring up Activity Monitor by … Continue reading

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Hours Calculator JavaScript based

Simple Hours Calculator with history [hr_calc_js] visit this link for hours calculator and online timesheet together

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