How to properly use Electric Generator at home

Here in Pakistan, we often have to use Electric Generator as load shedding is quite frequent and norm of the day. The following are some tips that I have found which would help run Electric motor smoothly and properly.

Do no operate electric generator on no load or low load

I found that if I run my ceiling fan from the generator, the speed of the fan is very low and there is just not enough power. If I turn on another fan or light, the speed increases. If I turn on a 100 watt bulb, the speed reaches to maximum. So the bottom line is if put enough load on the generator to run is smoothly.

If the generator is making too much noise, it is probably operating on less load

One way you can spot your generator is running on no load or less load is when it making more than normal noise. Like only one fan is on or one light is on, the generator will make too much noise. If you increase the load, the noise will reduce and your device will operate more efficiently.

Jerking noise from generator is likely be of our loading

Most household generators do not support higher loads such as fridge or ironing or etc. If you hear your generator making uneven or jerking sounds, it is likely one of your device is draining too much power from generator and as result it is making loud noise which is uneven. In this case turn off the switch in the generator or unplug the device that is taking too much current.

Generators can sometime shut power while it is still running

I haven’t found exact reason for this. What happened is the generator is on but it supplies no power to any device. If you switch it off and then back on, power comes ok.

I found this i I turn on power to my upper story (from the same generator that supplies power to the ground story), it would shut off power but would be still on and making all the sound. Not sure what exactly causes this. Still investigating

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