Add public ssh keys on mac

I had this issue today so would like to document it. The problem was, I downloaded my public ssh key to the default Download Folder. When I tried to load the key using

ssh-add ~/Downloads/id_dsa

It would say the following error, althogh my id_dsa file did exists in Downloads folder!

ssh-add no such file or directory


The issue was that you have to copy you public key inside ~/.ssh/ folder. If this does not already exists, you must create it first.

Second you have set proper permission on it using

chmod 700 ~/.ssh/

After this if you type

ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_dsa

It will load the private key without any hesitation.

If you are still not able to connect and getting an error such as

Permission denied, please try again

Chances are not allowed to use ssh even though you have received your username and password. You might need to call them or contact customer service to enable ssh for your account.

Some helpful links

1. SSH-Add manual (mac)

2. How to Install git on Godaddy (uses ssh)


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