Electric wiring in house diagram

Yesterday I was working on adding an power plug to the electric board. My intitial plan did not quite work as I expected. Later found out how to do it correctly. Here is how.

Problem Description

I had an outlet board which two buttons. I wanted to add a two prong outlet so I can use it for other lights etc

How to do it

Well this is where I learned a few things. The electric board in house contains red and black wires (positive and negative respectively). In my case, the there were all red wires. Was it a mistake? No! Since there were not outlet socket there was not need of a black wire. Basically both sides of the swtith are positive because it is short circuit.One end comes from the main power supply and it goes to the bulb (not ground!). Hence both are positive (or negative depends on your terminology).

My outlet initially did not work because when I would turn on one of the button, the power in my outlet will become zero. For this to fix, I had to use the black wires! The black wires in the baord are only suppose to go to the power outlet. If there are not power outlets in the board, black wires are not used.

In my case to I had to bring the black wire to one of the power outlet and my board was working fine!

Hope this helps somebody!

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