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Copy and Past in Visual Studio and Fix IDs

When you copy a big chunk of ASP.NET code the chances are you are going to run int IDs problem. IDs from the new code is wiped as soon as you past them. Here is a solution to fix it. … Continue reading

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You can start GUI Applications as Services in Windows

There is an overwhelming answer that you can’t start GUI Applications as Services in Windows 2003 and above but in fact you can. There is a small program that allows this (1MB). Unzip it. It has 32bit and 63 bit … Continue reading

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obi there is no service available after changing password

If you change google password, you might get the message “There is no service avaialble” from obhi talk. The problem is there is no “easy” way to change your password. There is suggestion, the only way you can regconfigure your … Continue reading

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Stimulsoft Report Multiple Queries with different Parameters

Lets say I have two queries in my stimulsoft (.mrt) report. Query1 (takes three parameters ID,name,rollno) Query2(takes one parameter ID) In Stimulsoft Report for this to work correct, Query1 which takes 3 arguments must come first than Query2, for the … Continue reading

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Stimulsoft Text getting cut off when exporting to PDF

On the textbox control set the following properties to true Word Wrap: True Can Grow: True Grow to Height: True (This may not be needed) Related Links: 1. 2.

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You can use IF EXIST (Query) in MySQL but only inside stored procedures.    

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Passing Parameters to MySQL Stored Procedure

MySQL Stored Procedure parameter does not take @ sign. The variables are declared using identifier name (without the @sign). In some editors like PHPMYADMIn, you might declare a variable with @ sign and may not get any error but your … Continue reading

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