obi there is no service available after changing password

If you change google password, you might get the message “There is no service avaialble” from obhi talk. The problem is there is no “easy” way to change your password. There is suggestion, the only way you can regconfigure your device is delete the current connection and add a new one again. Here is how to change password without deleting your OBI Device.

How to change password in ObiTalk

1. After you login, go to your obhi dashboard.
2. See your devices. Select the gear icon next to the device that has the trouble (authentication error)
3. On this page, click the link that says “Click Here to replace Google Account”
4. After this select, use a different account (there is where the trick is)
5. Here use your existing email but choose the updated password. It should work!

So you essentialy reconfigured your obhi device without deleting the account.

Some useful links

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