How to add program to Windows Service?

If you want to add your own program to Windows Service (as you might want to keep track of things), there is an excellent utility that you can use. It is called NSSM Non-Sucking Service Manager. Download it from the above link (use correct version 32vit or 64) then unzip it and lets save it to c:services folder or anywhere else you prefer.

Use the following command to add a program to services

nssm.exe install *servicename*

This will popup a gui. Click the browse button to navigate the program that you want to start as service. Note that you can put Applications that has GUI into startup but the GUI part will not work (it will not be displayed) but the code behind will work.

How to Uninstall a Windows Service

Issue this command

nssm.exe remove *servicenaem*

It will ask to confirm remove of the windows service. Click ok and it will be remove from services.

Please not that both the above commands can be start with out supplying *ServiceName*. In that you will be asked to type service name in the graphical user interface.

Here is complete help about nssm

NSSM: The non-sucking service manager
Version 2.24 64-bit, 2014-08-31
Usage: nssm <option> [<args> ...]

To show service installation GUI:

        nssm install [<servicename>]

To install a service without confirmation:

        nssm install <servicename> <app> [<args> ...]

To show service editing GUI:

        nssm edit <servicename>

To retrieve or edit service parameters directly:

        nssm get <servicename> <parameter> [<subparameter>]

        nssm set <servicename> <parameter> [<subparameter>] <value>

        nssm reset <servicename> <parameter> [<subparameter>]

To show service removal GUI:

        nssm remove [<servicename>]

To remove a service without confirmation:

        nssm remove <servicename> confirm

To manage a service:

        nssm start <servicename>

        nssm stop <servicename>

        nssm restart <servicename>

        nssm status <servicename>

        nssm rotate <servicename>
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