favicon not showing

You have updated your favicon but it is not showing. Even worse you are seeing the old default favicon after refreshing the page so many times. You even cleared the cache but even then it is the old favicon that is showing. To add up to agony, on some computers you are seeing new favicon but on other it is still the old icon that is showing.

This is most likely caching issue. Looks like the favicon wont go way by simply clearing the cache. There are other techniques to to clear all bookmarks and then it would go away. I will give a simple tip that will at least fix the problem for the time being without clearing your bookmarks.

Fix (Temporary)

  1. Go to your site, in this case lets try www.peshawar.co. Notice that old favicon is showing.
  2. Go to www.peshawar.co/favicon.ico, notice that still  your old icon is showing.
  3. Now refresh your page by click refresh icon in the address bar of your browser. Try this a couple of times unless it works. If it does not work, try other techniques to refresh the page so the new icon is loaded. Hurray now your new icon appears.
  4. Now in the *same* window browse to your site. It should show the new favicon.

If you open a new window  or TAB it might still show the old favicon but at least you got it work to what it should look like.

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