Guide to Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hello, This is quick and helpful guide for those people who considering hair transplantation. There is not helpful pages available online that show complete procedure and other intricacies. I will explain these hopefully that will reduce your anxiety of hair transplant and better prepare you for the procedure.

In this page, I am going to describe FUT (Strip Method) of hair transpiration procedure.

Getting Ready for Hair Transplant

The first thing obviously starts with a visit to hair transplant center. They basically analyze your skull, determine your baldness type(Type 1-7), how many grafts would you need and what is your graft quality.

Once you decide you are going for it and book an appointment, they will give you a page preparation sheet. In this sheet the important things are, you will be asked

1. Not to smoke/drink or use any of those substance 2 days prior to surgery
2. Not to drink cafeen, tee, energy drink or other simpilar products
3. Do not get involved in tough excercise
4. Abstain from sex for two days

The reason why these are important is, consuming this actually make your skin tough or hard. The harder you skin the more problematic it becomes for hair transplant. The problem basically is, when your skin is hard, the implanted hair pops out by itself. They have to put extra effort to make sure they are not popped. My advice would be do what ever you can to make your skin tender. It makes a big difference for the technician t work on your head. Also it will have a positive effect on your transplanted here. They would be easily absorbed.

I had this problem in my surgery, because I was not aware of this issue. If your skin remain hard even after these precautions, dont work. They can still do the transplant, it will just take a little more time and effort.

Pre Requisite Tests

Remember that hair transplant is a surgery. They will take all necessary steps they need to do as in the other surgical operation. Although this one is not that scary and only external. You will be required to perform the following tests. They are actually cheap in Pakistan. Some labs may charge more in thousand. I got it done by 1300 Rs with an hour. That was good service!

What happens inside the OT Room

The first thing they do is welcome you to OT. They will take your blood pressure first. You will have little time to chit chat with the staff. If you are wearing an jackets etc, you will leave that in the closet.

When doctors comes, the first thing he will ask, do you take any medication, are you alergic to anything, have you every done surgery before, etc. When he convinced you are all et, he will start by draw your hair line with market. He may erase it and draw again if it wasn’t perfect. This is the start of your hair transplant.

Next you will be asked to lay down on OT Tabl upside down. They will cover your body with a sheet so only your head is exposed to them. You do not need to take any clothes off by the way. They will insert a number of injection in your head area for local aneasthesia, I think 2 in front and 2 in back. They will let you know before they are about to do it. At the same time, the doctor use a tight hair band around your head around the donar area. He will time off that area. He will draw a line there which he later had to cut.

In about 5 minutes or so, he will check if your scalp is numb by pressing needles around the back of you head. Once you confirm, you dont feel anything he will start going for the cut. He will take two cuts one upper on below to slice of a strip. Then they pull the strip area and is given to the technicians who then create grafts from it. The doctor will stick your head and put a bandage over it. You will be asked to sit for a little while. You wont feel any pain.

The next step is to drill holes in your head. This is done by the same doctor. You will be asked to lay on the bed facing face up. Height/inclination of the table will be adjusted to a comfortable height. The doctor will start punching you head with need where hair will go. This take some time. The doctor is essentially making your hair line. If you need hairs in vertex area, he will do that as well or he may delay it till later.

At this point your head is all drilled up with whole. There are no hairs plugged in yet. Now comes the technicians. There are usually 4 technicians, each grafts about 700 grafts. The technician job is to separate grafts from the hair of their quota and then plug those in. At point either 1 or 2 will work. The will take turns.

As transplant is long process which takes about 6-9 hours depending on your head and graft. You will frequently require to go to washroom. That would not be a problem as you can take a break or when they switch you can go to washroom. They will also let you rest in between so you don’t stay in one position for that long.

You will be server drink and food int he process. It is required as brain needs nutrients in the process. You might feel a little nausea in some cases as some of these anesthesia might have some effect on your. When you go to bathroom for peeing etc, do not lock the door to be safe, in case you fall and someone needs to pick you up.

After words, they will wash your hair and remove any blood stains. They do this with spray not saop by the way. At this point they will also double check all your grafts, if any had popped up so they can fix it.

They will put a bandage over your head at this point and you are almost done. At this point you have a bunch of transplanted hair on your head with some blood sign may be (depending on your skin) type and the bandage. You can easily walk and talk. But you have to take precautions. That section is coming next!

Precautions after Hair Transplant

After transplant, you will be written a number of medication, mainly for pain and to prevent a possible infection. Apart from taking those for a few days, there are extreme amount of care you need to do. Basically

  • No exercise after surgery for at least 10 days, strictly 2 days. That also includes no sex for two days
  • You should not ben your head. Bending head may strain the implants and they may popup out. Avoid pending for two days. This mean you can tie you shoe lace
  • Do no lift any weight. Lifting weight can strains your head muscles and can damage your graft (pop out etc)
  • Do no touch your hair. Be extremely careful when sitting in the car next time. If you hair itch just do not itch. At best, you can do some time of spray on it.
  • Do no move you head and bend it. You cannot pray during during this. Even if you pray pray with your eyes and not head!
  • Avoid direct sunlight for more than 10 min for first 2 or more days
  • Protect it from dusts for first 10 days. If you have to go out, wear a surgical cap

Do not drive yourself after hair transplant surgery, although you can. Anything can happen on the road. You do not want to take any risks.

I wish you all the best in your hair transplant!

Some of the myths about Hair Transplant in Pakistan

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